Loki 201 Ouroboros Podcast
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Loki 201 Ouroboros Podcast

We're back with a brand new premiere episode for Loki Season 2 with Episode 1 Ouroboros. We discuss this first episode in spoiler filled detail so make sure you've watched it before listening along.

Loki 201 "Ouroboros" Synopsis

Head Writer: Michael Waldron

Episode Written by: Eric Martin

Episode Directed By: Justin Benson and Aaron Moorhead

Loki discovers that he is uncontrollably warping across time in the Time Variance Authority (TVA) headquarters. In the past, Mobius M. Mobius and Hunter B-15 don’t recognise Loki and the TVA attempts to apprehend Loki. In the present, Loki reunites with Mobius and warns him of the threat of the many variants of He Who Remains, the TVA's creator. 

Still warping between different times, Loki and Mobius go to meet the TVA technician Ouroboros "O. B.", who deduces that Loki is "time slipping", a phenomenon possibly caused by the instability of the timeline branches caused by the death of He Who Remains. 

To stop Loki's time slipping, O. B. instructs Mobius to approach the Temporal Loom with the Temporal Aura Extractor device to extract Loki from the time stream as Loki prunes himself. The endeavor is filled with risk as Mobius realises that his skin could be flayed from his body, while Loki could be turned into spaghetti and lost to time.

Loki time slips to the future, where he briefly encounters Sylvie before he is pruned by someone at the last possible second. In addition, Loki discovers that the Temporal Loom will go critical in the future. Mobius successfully pulls Loki from the time stream, and the two of them set out to find Sylvie, just as many TVA hunters are ordered by General Dox to search for her. 

In a mid-credit scene, Sylvie enters a branched timeline in Broxton, Oklahoma in 1982, and visits a McDonald's restaurant where she wants to try everything.

Loki Season 2 Cast

Loki Laufeyson played by Tom Hiddleston

Mobius M. Mobius played by Owen Wilson

Hunter B15 played by Wunmi Mosaku

Judge Ravonna Renslayer played by Gugu Mbatha-Raw

OB played by Key Hu Kuan

General Dox played by Kate Dickie

Judge Gamble played by Liz Carr

Casey The Paperwork Clerk played by Eugene Cordero

A Return to Defending

As we are returning to the Marvel TV universe we are using the format of our former Marvel podcast, Defenders TV Podcast.

We discuss:

  • Our Top 5 Points (or Variants) of the episode
  • Whether we each Defend the episode or not
  • Notes, Quotes and comic references

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