Echo Episode 5 Maya Review
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Echo Episode 5 Maya Review

It's finale time as we chat about Echo Episode 5 Maya. The series comes to an end and has an intriguing set up for Daredevil Born again.

Echo Episode 5 Maya Synopsis

Echo Character Created by David Mack and Joe Quesada

Head Writer: Marion Dayre

Written by: Amy Rardin and Steven Judd & Ellen Morton and Chantelle Wells

Episode Directed by: Sydney Freeland

In a flashback to her childhood, Maya hits a woodpecker with a slingshot. Taloa reprimands Maya for hurting an innocent life, and, with her hands glowing, heals the woodpecker. Later, the two release it back into the wild.

Having left Tamaha and on the road Maya stops off at services unaware that back in Tamaha her family are in danger as Fisk plans retribution for her rejection of his offer to return to New York as his Partner. 

In Tamaha as the community gets ready for the Choctaw Nation Pow Wow, Biscuits messages Maya that Chula and Bonnie are missing, and she returns to Tamaha. She quickly visits Chula's home, and is met by a vision of her mother, Taloa. Taloa tells her that she is the embodiment of their people's legacy, and that this legacy will echo through her actions. 

The vision ends, revealing Chula's finished garment. At the Choctaw Pow Wow Festival, Maya locates Fisk, who has kidnapped Chula and Bonnie, and threatens to kill her entire family for betraying him. While Biscuits incapacitates Fisk's men with a monster truck, and Henry takes out Zane, Maya shares her Choctaw powers with Chula and Bonnie, who overpower Fisk's men. 

Using her powers, Maya takes Fisk to the memory of his father beating his mother, in an effort to heal his trauma and help him let go of his anger. Returning to reality, an outraged Fisk demands to know what she did to him and leaves the festival before the police arrive. 

The next day, Maya says goodbye to her family before leaving Tamaha. In a mid-credits scene, Fisk is on his airplane watching with interest a news story that talks about the lack of front-runners in the New York mayoral elections and sparks an unexpected idea in the Kingpin.

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