Echo Episode 3 Tuklo
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Echo Episode 3 Tuklo

We're chatting all about Echo Episode 3 Tuklo on this week's podcast. An exciting flashback, a rumble in the Roller Rink and a surprise return this is a great episode.

Echo Episode 3 Tuklo Synopsis

Echo Character Created by David Mack and Joe Quesada

Head Writer: Marion Dayre

Teleplay by: Marion Dayre, and Ken Kristensen,

Story by: Ken Kristensen, Jason Gavin and Shoshannah Stern

Episode Directed by: Catriona McKenzie

In the late 1800s, Tuklo practices shooting with her father, one of the Lighthorsemen. Despite wanting to be a lighthorseman, her father forbids this because she is a woman. Tuklo's father rides out to confront some local criminals while Tuklo braids her hair like a Choctaw warrior. She receives a vision of Chafa and Lowak, and her hands begin to glow. The criminals ambush Tuklo's father, but she hears the attack and arrives in time to save him and his group.

Skully is visited by Chula, who encourages her to reach out to Maya, so that she doesn’t lose her granddaughter. 

Elsewhere in Tamaha, Maya receives a sudden vision of Chafa, Lowak and Tuklo, a warning, but is ambushed and captured by Vickie. Vickie and his associates Bridgitte and Grace, hold both Maya and Henry hostage at Henry's bowling alley, having tipped off Zane about Maya's location. 

As they wait to hand Maya over to Zane and retrieve the bounty reward they also have to subdue and capture Bonnie after she shows up to ask Henry about the rumours that Maya has returned home. 

Bonnie is held with Maya and the two of them awkwardly confront each other's absence from their lives as they seek an escape plan from their predicament. Zane arrives for Maya, betraying and killing Vickie. Before he is able to get hold of Maya she escapes and attacks Zane's men, but she fails to get the upper hand as Zane threatens Bonnie and Henry. As he holds Maya at gunpoint, preparing to shoot her and Henry, he receives a phone call, prompting Zane and his men to leave. 

Maya sends Bonnie away, promising to reconcile with her later, but learns from Henry the shocking revelation that Fisk is still alive. Henry takes up Maya’s previous offer and promises to help her in her war with Fisk, while Skully gives Maya a new prosthetic and a new look for her prosthetic. As Maya returns home, her one eyed nightmare, Fisk, confronts her.

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Question 3: What is the name of the arcade game that Maya gets smashed into (and almost grabbed) as she fights with Zane’s men at Henry’s roller rink? 

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