Here's the shows we are discussing in 2024

TV Shows

Marvel's Echo - All 5 Episodes were released on 9th Jan 2024 - Disney Plus

Spinning out of Marvel's Hawkeye Echo played by Alaqua Cox and rumoured to feature Kingpin and Daredevil we're covering this one episode per week.

Star Wars The Bad Batch 3rd and Final season - 21st Feb 2024- Disney Plus

Omega and her band of brothers Hunter, Wrecker and Echo return in the aftermath of the loss of one of their own in season 2. One of the best Star Wars shows in recent years, the story of the Bad Batch wraps in 2024. The final episode will air on the 1st of May 2024. 

Invincible Season 2 Part 2 - All Episodes Available now - Prime Video

The second half of season 2 of Invincible released from March 2024 and our podcasts about every episode of Invincible are available on TV Podcast Industries right now.  

Shōgun 10 Episode Season - Hulu/Disney Plus

The 10 episode adaptation of James Clavell's epic 1975 historical fiction novel Shōgun is one of the best new series of 2024. It has also been confirmed that series 2 and 3 are in development now due to the huge success of the show. Check out our podcast all about it on TV Podcast Industries.

The Dead Boy Detectives - All episodes available now - Netflix

The 8 episode season comes as part of The Sandman Universe for Netflix based on the beloved comic series from Neil Gaiman. "Teenagers born decades apart who find each other only in death, Edwin and Charles are best friends and ghosts… who solve mysteries." 

Star Wars Tales Of The Empire -  All Episodes out now - Disney Plus

All Six Episodes of Lucasfilm’s Follow-up to “Tales of the Jedi” Launch May 4. "“Star Wars: Tales of the Empire” is a six-episode journey into the fearsome Galactic Empire through the eyes of two warriors on divergent paths, set during different eras.
After losing everything, young Morgan Elsbeth navigates the expanding Imperial world
toward a path of vengeance, while former Jedi Barriss Offee does what she must to
survive a rapidly changing galaxy. The choices they make will define their destinies." 

The Boys Season 4 - June 13th 2024 - Prime Video

Our biggest show following on directly from the end of Gen V as the supe race for the white house begins in 2024.

The Umbrella Academy Season 4 - 8th August 2024 - Netflix

The superpowered Hargreave family are back for one last time. We don't know much about the final season of The Umbrella Academy but we're very much looking forward to seeing how they wrap up the story. 

The Penguin - TBA 2024 - HBO Max

Spinning out from Matt Reeves The Batman, Colin Farrell returns to his character of The Penguin for a limited series on HBO Max in 2024. It's the 10th anniversary of TV Podcast Industries and we'll be returning to Gotham where it all began. 

Star Wars The Acolyte - 8 episode season coming June 4th 2024 - Disney Plus

Set over 100 years before Star Wars The Phantom Menace this is a brand new story in the Star Wars High Republic era. The show description says "A former Padawan reunites with her Jedi Master to investigate a series of crimes, but the forces they confront are more sinister than they ever anticipated" 

 The Rings of Power Season 2 - August 29th 2024 - Prime Video

The second season of the huge budget Lord Of The Rings prequel series The Rings of Power returns to Prime video from the 29th of August 2024 

Agatha All Along - 21st September 2024 - Disney Plus

Spinning out from WandaVision with the scene stealing Kathryn Hahn’s Agatha Harkness returns alongside Aubrey Plaza (Previously in Marvel's excellent Legion) and Joe Locke from the brilliant Hearstopper.  Marvel's rumoured first musical TV show, we're very excited for this one. After many title announcements it was confirmed the title was of course "Agatha All Along".

Movies in 2024

Marvel's Deadpool 3 - In Cinemas from July 26th 2024
Vowing to continue the adult oriented comedy of Deadpool 1 and 2, Ryan Reynolds returns as Wade Wilson for the first MCU Deadpool Movie. This time he's joined by Hugh Jackman as Wolverine as part of the MCU's Multiverse Saga. We have high hopes for this one. 

Sony's Kraven The Hunter - In Cinemas from August 30th 2024 
Another attempt from Sony to expand their live action Spider-Verse. After featuring as a lead villain in the excellent Spider-Man 2 game on Playstation, Aaron Taylor-Johnson takes on the role of Kraven. We're crossing everything for a good movie.

More podcasts will be announced as the year continues!!!