Star Trek Picard 306 "The Bounty" review
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Star Trek Picard 306 "The Bounty" review

Derek O'NeillDerek O'NeillHost
John HarrisonJohn HarrisonHost
Chris JonesChris JonesHost

Derek and Chris are back to discuss the nostalgia filled episode Star Trek Picard Season 3 Chapter 6 "The Bounty" in our latest podcast. We are loving how they have been able to organically incorporate call backs and easter eggs into the show to make a great entry into Star Trek legacy. We discuss it all in spoiler filled detail.

Question 6 in our Picard Ten Forward Pub Quiz is: What is the designation number of the USS New Jersey found at the Fleet Museum?

All other questions are available on our Brand New website here:

Gather all 10 answers and email us at the end of the season to and you could get your hands on some Star Trek Picard goodies.