Werewolf By Night Marvel Special Review
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Werewolf By Night Marvel Special Review

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Happy Halloween Defenders we are back with Marvel chatting about the Marvel Special Presentation Werewolf By Night starring Gael Garcia Bernal and Laura Donnelly. Synopsis for our Werewolf By Night Movie Review Directed by: Michael Giacchino Story by: Heather Quinn Teleplay by: Heather Quinn and Peter Cameron Werewolf By Night/Jack Russell created by Gerry Conway, Michael G. Ploog, Roy Thomas and Jean Thomas Following the death of their fearless leader, Ulysses Bloodstone, a team of elite monster hunters gathers at the eerie Bloodstone Manor to claim the Blood Gem, a mysterious, alien relic with unfathomable powers, and leadership of death dealers.Ulysses’ second wife Verussa announces the ceremonial hunt to the assembled hunters that include the cursed aristocrat Jack Russell and the patriarch's estranged daughter Elsa. One-by-one the hunters begin the hunt of the Monster and the other hunters who are ‘fair game’ to determine who will wield the ‘Bloodstone’. Escaping a number of the other hunters, Elsa and Jack form an unlikely alliance. As Elsa discovers that Jack wants to free his friend Ted, aka Man Thing, the monster being hunted, she agrees to help him so she can reclaim the Gem and her birthright. While Ted is freed, both Jack and Elsa are captured by the rest of the hunters as they discover that Jack is also a monster. Both Elsa and Jack are caged together back at the Manor, as Verusa transforms Jack into his monster form, a Werewolf. He escapes the cage slaughtering most of the assembled guards while Elsa finishes off the other hunters. Verussa uses the gem to try to finish off Jack but he is saved by Elsa who in turn is rescued from Verussa by Man Thing. On a restless, moonlit night Elsa reclaims the sacred Bloodstone and the head of the Bloodstone family as Ted and Jack are reunited in the woods. Cast of Werewolf By Night Gael García Bernal as Jack RussellLaura Donnelly as Esla BloodstoneHarriet Sansom Harris as VerussaKirk R. Thatcher as Jovan Eugenie Bondurant as AzarelLeonardo Nam as LiornDaniel J. Watts as BarassoAl Hamacher as Billy Swan (the butler) Carey Jones as Ted (The Man Thing)David Silverman as The Flaming TubaRick D. Wasserman as The NarratorRichard Dixon as Ulysses Bloodstone (Voice) Subscribe to TV Podcast Industries If you want to keep up with us and all of our podcasts please subscribe to the podcast over at https://tvpodcastindustries.com where we will continue to podcast about multiple TV shows we hope you'll love. Next Time on TV Podcast Industries We’ve just finished our coverage of She-Hulk Attorney at Law on Disney Plus and we'll be back in the MCU next month with Black Panther: Wakanda Forever coming out on November 11th 2022. Thanks so much for joining us we hope you will join us again really soon. Email us at feedback@tvpodcastindustries.com if you have any thoughts on any of the shows we're covering. Derek, Chris and John TV Podcast Industries