The Last Of Us Episode 5 "Endure And Survive" Review from TV Podcast Industries
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The Last Of Us Episode 5 "Endure And Survive" Review from TV Podcast Industries

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As The Last of Us Episode 5 Endure and Survive was released early due to The Big Game we've recording this weeks spoiler filled podcast all about it early. Make sure you've watched the episode before listening along. Based on the PlayStation Game series from Naughty Dog Showrunner: Craig Mazin and Neil Druckmann Episode Written by: Craig Mazin Episode Directed by: Jeremy Webb Synopsis for The Last Of Us Episode 5 "Endure and Survive" The events leading to the liberation of Kansas City from FEDRA, shows a brutal uprising and vengeful response from the people, following 20-years of rape, torture and murder at the hands of FEDRA and their collaborators that include Henry. With Henry and his brother Sam hiding out with the doctor-come-FEDRA-collaborator Edelstein, they decide to move on when Edelstein fails to return after going to scavenge for food. Leaving their hideout, Henry witnesses Joel’s shootout with Bryan and the other members of Kathleen’s liberators and tracks Joel and Ellie. After the standoff between Henry and Sam with Joel and Ellie, Henry proposes he can help them escape the city using a network of tunnels under the city of Kansas; Joel is not convinced but hesitantly agrees. While Ellie and Sam start to become pals. Entering the tunnels that appear free of the infected as promised by Henry, they come across an old, now abandoned underground settlement. As Sam and Ellie make use of the play room, playing football and enjoying the comics, Henry admits to Joel he was responsible for the capture and death of Kathleen's brother, Michael the former leader of the resistance, in exchange for medication for Sam's leukemia. Leaving the tunnels and making their way to safety, the group are attacked by a sniper lookout. Joel kills him but finds he is with Kathleen’s group and has radioed in their position. Arriving with her militia Kathleen prepares to kill Henry and the two kids, when a massive crowd of infected breach the ground, including many clickers and a large "bloater". In the ensuing chaos Ellie is protected from afar by Joel and the sniper rifle. Henry and Sam are pinned under a car by two clickers but are saved by Ellie, making their way to Joel’s position. As Perry protects Kathleen, the bloater kills him, and Kathleen escapes to confront Henry once again but is pounced on by a child clicker. Away from the infected hoard and holed up in a motel, Sam shows Ellie he was bitten by an infected. Ellie tries to use her blood to heal Sam, but the next morning, the infected Sam attacks Ellie, forcing Henry to kill his young brother. Realizing what he did, Henry takes his own life with a gunshot to the head. In the tragic aftermath of Sam and Henry’s deaths, Joel and Ellie bury them and somberly continue their journey westwards to Wyoming. The Last Of Us World's End Pub Quiz During each podcast we'll ask a question about each episode in our Last Of Us World's End Pub Quiz. You can send in your answers each week to At the end of the nine episode season, the listeners with the most correct answers will be in with the chance of getting their hands on The Last Of Us Part 1 on either PlayStation 5 or PC goodies. All questions will be updated on: The Last of Us Episode 5 “Endure and Survive” Question: Which issues of the comic, Savage Starlight, do Sam and Ellie have between them? Main Cast of The Last of Us Episode 4 Ellie Williams played by Bella Ramsey Joel Miller played by Pedro Pascal Kathleen played by Melanie Lynskey Henry played by Lamar Johnson Sam played by Keivonn Montreal Woodard Perry Played by Jeffrey Pierce Dr Edelstein played by John Getz Supporting TV Podcast Industries If you'd like to support us there are loads of ways that can help us. You can share the podcast with your followers through any of your social media acco...