The Last Of Us Episode 4 "Please Hold To My Hand" Review from TV Podcast Industries
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The Last Of Us Episode 4 "Please Hold To My Hand" Review from TV Podcast Industries

Derek O'NeillDerek O'NeillHost
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Derek and John are back this week to chat about The Last Of Us Episode 4 “Please Hold To My Hand”. We chat all about the developing relationship of Joel and Ellie as they start their road trip. Based on the PlayStation Game series from Naughty Dog Showrunner: Craig Mazin and Neil Druckmann Episode Written by: Craig Mazin Episode Directed by: Jeremy Webb Synopsis for The Last Of Us Episode 4 "Please Hold To My Hand" Traveling on their way to Wyoming to find Joel’s brother Tommy, the pair's distant relationship begins to thaw as they spend time on the road; as Joel begins to answer some of the many questions from Ellie and even gives her a few smiles as she quizzes him with puns from a book she found. As they approach Kansas City the route is blocked. When they take a shortcut through the ruins of the city they get ambushed by bandits. Joel kills two of them, but a third manages to overpower and nearly strangle him to death before Ellie saves him by shooting the man with her gun she took from Bill and Frank’s house. As they look to escape their predicament Joel allows Ellie to keep the handgun. The three bodies are found by more of the bandit group led by Kathleen, a determined woman who has broken the control of FEDRA in Kansas City to find the collaborators involved with the death of her brother. Kathleen orders a manhunt for these well-equipped outsiders believing that Joel and Ellie are involved with a man named Henry, who she is hunting as a collaborator. Meanwhile at Henry’s abandoned hideout, Kathleen's second-in-command, Perry, also finds evidence of unusual infected activity in the basement of the same building. But Kathleen orders him to conceal it until they find Henry. Joel and Ellie seek refuge in a high rise to sleep for the night until they can scout a way out of Kansas City. Waking up to Ellie’s call he finds they are both being held at gunpoint by Henry and his younger brother Sam. The Last Of Us World's End Pub Quiz During each podcast we'll ask a question about each episode in our Last Of Us World's End Pub Quiz. You can send in your answers each week to At the end of the nine episode season, the listeners with the most correct answers will be in with the chance of getting their hands on The Last Of Us Part 1 on either PlayStation 5 or PC goodies. All questions will be updated on: The Last of Us Episode 4 “Please Hold To My Hand” Question: What two movies from 2003 are listed at the Globe cinema in Kansas City? Main Cast of The Last of Us Episode 4 Ellie Williams played by Bella Ramsey Joel Miller played by Pedro Pascal Kathleen played by Melanie Lynskey Perry Played by Jeffrey Pierce Bryan played by Juan Magana Henry played by Lamar Johnson Sam played by Keivonn Montreal Woodard Supporting TV Podcast Industries If you'd like to support us there are loads of ways that can help us. You can share the podcast with your followers through any of your social media accounts. Remember sharing the podcast is sharing the love. You can support us with any monthly amount on Patreon by visiting us at If you would prefer a one off donation towards to podcast you can pop over to Buy Me A Coffee at to donate whatever amount you would like. Sending us feedback If you want to send us your thoughts on anything we do please email us at join us on our facebook group at or join us on twitter at or @tvpodindustries. Thank you for joining us for our podcast about The The Last Of Us Episode 4 "Please Hold on to My Hand". We hope you'll come back next time and join us for The The Last Of Us Episode 5 "Endure and Survive" on TV Podcast Industries. ...