The Last Of Us Episode 3 "Long Long Time" Review from TV Podcast Industries
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The Last Of Us Episode 3 "Long Long Time" Review from TV Podcast Industries

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We are discussing The Last Of Us Episode 3 Long Long time starring Nick Offerman and Murray Bartlett in spoiler filled detail. Based on the PlayStation Game series from Naughty Dog Showrunner: Craig Mazin and Neil Druckmann Episode Written by: Craig Mazin Episode Directed by: Peter Hoar Synopsis for The Last Of Us Episode 3 "Long Long Time" On the road, Joel mourns the loss of his partner, Tess and her sacrifice, his relationship with Ellie gets more complicated as she believes he blames her for Tess' death, but insists that they both made their own choices. As they continue towards Bill and Frank's house, Ellie learns how quickly the world fell apart and the cause of the fungal outbreak that led to it. Back in 2003, days after the outbreak, a paranoid anti-government ”Survivalist” called Bill ignores a FEDRA order to leave his home. While he is unaware that the other residents of his town were murdered by FEDRA to prevent the outbreak, he settles into his new life, protecting his home and living a self-sufficient but solitary life in the estate. Bill’s life is interrupted one day four years later, when another survivor, Frank, stumbles into one of Bill's traps. Despite his rough demeanour Bill falls for Frank and they move in together. As time moves on Frank encourages Bill to reach out and make some friends. He invites Tess and Joel to visit and work with them. While Frank works out the musical warning system with Tess, Joel warns Bill that raiders will come to loot everything they have. It takes three more years for Joel’s prediction to come true, when an organised group attacks the couple's home. Bill’s defences stand up to the test but he is shot in the attack. As he thinks he’s dying he tells Frank to reach out to Joel for protection. Bill survives the gunshot, but ten years later Frank’s health has deteriorated and he decides he wants one last good day. He marries Bill and they have another beautiful meal together before Bill assists him in ending his life. But Bill also chooses to end his own life. He’s old, satisfied and Frank was his purpose. They pass away in each other's arms and in their own bed. Back in the present day, Joel and Ellie arrive and find Bill’s note explaining he’s leaving everything to Joel, including all his weapons and a fully working car.Despite his refusal to allow her to be armed, Ellie finds and keeps Frank’s gun and the duo set off for Joel’s brother Tommy. He’s a former Firefly and Joel hopes he has the connections to get Ellie to their Firefly hospital where they will examine her resistance to the outbreak. The Last Of Us World's End Pub Quiz During each podcast we'll ask a question about each episode in our Last Of Us World's End Pub Quiz. You can send in your answers each week to At the end of the nine episode season, the listeners with the most correct answers will be in with the chance of getting their hands on The Last Of Us Part 1 on either PlayStation 5 or PC goodies. All questions will be updated on: The Last of Us Episode 3 “Long Long Time” Question: Which game machine does Ellie find while searching the building with Joel? Main Cast of The Last of Us Episode 3 Ellie Williams played by Bella Ramsey Joel Miller played by Pedro Pascal Bill played by Nick Offerman Frank played by Murray Bartlett Male Clicker played by Phillip A. Kovats Supporting TV Podcast Industries If you'd like to support us there are loads of ways that can help us. You can share the podcast with your followers through any of your social media accounts. Remember sharing the podcast is sharing the love. You can support us with any monthly amount on Patreon by visiting us at If you would prefer a one off donation towards to podcast you can pop over to Buy Me A Coffee at https://buymeacof...