Star Trek Picard Pub Quiz Winner
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Star Trek Picard Pub Quiz Winner

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We're back with Star Trek Picard for one final time to announce the winner of the Star Trek Picard Ten Forward Pub Quiz.

The Questions for the Star Trek Picard Ten Forward Pub Quiz are as follows:

Episode 1 "The Next Generation" Question: What was the name of the whiskey that Jean-Luc Picard and Will Riker shared in the bar?

Answer - Swafford

Episode 2 "Disengage" Question: What is the name of the drug that Sneed makes Raffi take to prove that she is not Starfleet?

Answer - Splinter

Episode 3 "Seventeen Seconds" Question: What beverage does Worf (son of Mogh, house of Martok, son of Sergey, house of Rozhenko, bane to the Duras family, slayer of Gowron) offer to Raffina?

Answer - Chamomile Tea

Episode 4 "No Win Scenario" Question: What cheap bottle of Whiskey do Picard and Jack share?

Answer - Jameson Irish Whiskey

Episode 5 "Imposters" Question: What are Raffi’s weaknesses according to Worf?

Answer - Impulsiveness, Stubbornness and Shortsightedness

Episode 6 “The Bounty” Question: What is the designation number of the USS New Jersey found at the Fleet Museum?

Answer - NCC-1975

Episode 7 “Dominion” Question: Why would a Vulcan never go to Aklian-7 according to Seven-of-Nine?

Answer - Anti-Kolinahr demonstrations

Episode 8 Surrender Question: What new Betazoid word does Deanna Troi teach Will Riker when they are imprisoned on the Shrike?

Answer - Vintaru, you big baby

Episode 9 “Vox” Question: What is the name of the research academy on Vulcan where Jean Luc tries to send Jack to?

Answer - Keslovar

Episode 10 “The Last Generation” Question: What two words do Klingons never admit to knowing?

Answer - Defeat and farewell.

Thank you to everyone for playing along with us on the third and final Star Trek Picard Ten Forward Pub Quiz.

Congratulations to the winner announced in the episode

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Derek, John and Chris