Marvel's What If? 209 What if Strange Supreme Intervened?
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Marvel's What If? 209 What if Strange Supreme Intervened?

Our daily podcasts come to an end as we chat all about Marvel's What If? 209 What if Strange Supreme Intervened? The huge finale of season 2 of What If...?

What If? 209 What if Strange Supreme Intervened? Synopsis

Executive Produced by: Bryan Andrews, A.C. Bradley with Kevin Feige

Head Writer: A.C. Bradley

Episode Written by: Matthew Chauncey

Episode Directed By: Bryan Andrews

After meeting her in 1602, Strange Supreme takes Captain Carter to his Sanctum Infinitum, where he reveals that he has been capturing "universe-killers'' to atone for his sins, and asks for her help in capturing one who fled to a universe where Hydra used the Tesseract to destroy the world. 

Carter agrees and encounters Kahhori, who reveals that Strange has been capturing both universe killers as well as righteous heroes to feed to “the Forge”, a contraption he built to resurrect his lost universe and bring back the love of his life Christine Palmer. 

As Strange attempts to kill Kahhori, Captain Carter frees all his captives, allowing her and Kahhori to escape and find the Forge to destroy it. Amidst the chaos, the pair encounter Black Panther Killmonger, who Kahhori separates from his infinity armor, allowing Carter to use it along with the infinity stones to even the odds against Strange. 

At the Forge the pair battle Strange, as he tries to feed it with the collective powers of the superheroes and supervillains, they send their weapons to Captain Carter to use against Strange, while Kahhori sends them to their home realities. Strange is taken over by his demonic self, becoming Demon Strange and while Carter separates them, they reabsorb into and take over Strange’s body once again. 

As the Forge collapses, Strange sacrifices himself and his counterpart to it. The Watcher returns Kahhori home and brings Carter to Strange's restored universe, revealing he succeeded in resurrecting Christine Palmer, though he can never be reborn into it. 

Carter asks the Watcher to show her the many wonders of the multiverse before taking her home.

Marvel's What If...? 209 Cast

A Return to Defending

As we are returning to the Marvel TV universe we are using the format of our former Marvel podcast, Defenders TV Podcast. We discuss: - What if we had a Top 3 points about the episode.

What have we seen before, What's the change, what does this mean for this episodes universe - Whether we each Defend the episode or not - Notes, Quotes and comic references

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