Loki 205 Science Fiction Podcast
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Loki 205 Science Fiction Podcast

We've reached the penultimate episode the season as we discuss Loki 205 Science/Fiction. A bit of a roundabout episode and set up for the finale but with some absolutely beautiful moments. Derek and John chat all about it in Spoiler Filled detail.

Loki 205 Science/Fiction Podcast

Head Writer: Michael Waldron

Episode Written by: Eric Martin

Episode Directed By: Justin Benson and Aaron Moorhead

In the aftermath of the destruction of the Temporal Loom, Loki is left alone in the TVA headquarters as everyone else has vanished. As he explores the building trying to locate any of his friends he begins time slipping again where he meets a later version of himself, as the TVA headquarters, now with a failsafe initiated by a rudimentary Miss Minutes, begins to break down and spaghettify around him. 

Loki escapes as he time slips to numerous branched timelines at different times where one by one he meets his former friends Casey, Hunter B-15, Mobius and O.B. who have been reset to their original lives as Frank Morris, Dr. Verity Willis, Don and Dr. A.D. Doug respectively. But none of them have any knowledge of the TVA nor any recollection of Loki.

But Dr A. D Doug aka O.B does believe his story and is willing to help Loki time slip to the TVA before the explosion to try and prevent the catastrophic events from happening. But Loki is unable to control his time slipping. Doug proposes Loki gather everyone present at the explosion back together. He theorises that their collective temporal aura may hold the key to sending them back to the right time and place. Doug builds a rudimentary TemPad using a TVA Guidebook that Loki kept. 

Loki succeeds in gathering everyone else to Doug's workshop except Sylvie, who has retained her memories. At a bar over a couple of bourbons, Sylvie refuses to help Loki, as she just wants to live her own life, and she gets Loki to admit his true motivation: he wants his friends back and fears being alone. Sylvie leaves the bar heading to her local record shop as Loki heads back to inform Doug, Don, Frank and Verity that they are no longer needed. 

But when everything in Sylvie's timeline begins to spaghettify, she goes to help Loki, but no sooner there, Doug's workshop also spaghettifies as the branched timelines begin to die, as do Frank, Doug, Don, Dr Willis and Sylvie. 

As Sylvie disappears Loki finally controls his time-slipping, returning to the point she arrived. Declaring that he can "rewrite the story", Loki focuses on what he really wants and time slips back to the TVA Headquarters at the point just before Victor Timely disappeared.

Loki Season 2 Cast

Loki Laufeyson played by Tom Hiddleston

Mobius M. Mobius / Don played by Owen Wilson

Hunter B15 / Dr Verity Willis played by Wunmi Mosaku

O.B. / Dr A.D. Doug played by Ke Huy Quan

Casey / Frank Morris played by Eugene Cordero

Sylvie Laufeydottir played by Sophia Di Martino

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We discuss:

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Derek, Chris and John

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