Guardians of The Galaxy Volume 3 Review
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Guardians of The Galaxy Volume 3 Review

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We return to the cinema with The Guardians of The Galaxy Volume 3, the thirty second movie in the Marvel Cinematic Universe. The final movie in the trilogy and James Gunn's final movie for Marvel before he moves to the Distinguished Competition. We chat all about the movie in our latest podcast.

Guardians of The Galaxy Volume 3

Synopsis for our Guardians of The Galaxy Volume 3 Movie Review

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Written and Directed by: James Gunn

At their new headquarters on Knowhere, the Guardians of the Galaxy are attacked by Adam Warlock, a Sovereign warrior created by their high priestess Ayesha. After Adam overpowers them and seriously wounds Rocket, he is stabbed by Nebula and forced to flee. The Guardians are unable to tend to Rocket's wounds due to a kill switch, made by the company Orgocorp, embedded in him. To save their friend the Guardians travel to Orgocorp's headquarters to find the override code.

As Rocket lies unconscious, he recalls his past. As a baby raccoon, he was experimented on by the High Evolutionary, a scientist who sought to enhance animal lifeforms into anthropomorphic species to create a "Perfect" Counter-Earth. Rocket befriended the other test subjects: an otter called Lylla, the walrus Teefs, and the rabbit named Floor. Of all the test subjects the High Evolutionary was impressed by Rocket's intelligence but furious when it exceeded his own. Perfecting the anthropomorphization process with Rocket's advice he orders Rocket's brain to be extracted and his friends incinerated. Rocket, realising he and his friends were not part of the High Evolutionary’s perfect world, frees himself and his friends, but Lylla, Reefs and Floor but are killed in the escape by the High Evolutionary.

Rocket, enraged, mauls the High Evolutionary and shoots his guards, as he makes his solitary escape in a spaceship.

In the present, the alternate version of Gamora, who has joined the Ravagers, helps the Guardians infiltrate Orgocorp, which is owned by the High Evolutionary. They retrieve Rocket's file, but discover that the code has been removed. The group speculates that Theel, one of the High Evolutionary's recorders, has it, so they depart for Counter-Earth. They are followed by Ayesha and Adam, who are ordered by their creator, the High Evolutionary, to retrieve Rocket for his brain.

Upon arriving on Counter Earth, the team is helped by residents in tracing Theel to the High Evolutionary's ship. Drax and Mantis remain with Gamora and Rocket as Peter Quill, Groot, and Nebula travel to the ship. Nebula is forced to wait outside by guards as Quill and Groot board. Drax and Mantis chase after Quill's group.

The High Evolutionary initiates his destruction and planned recreation of Counter-Earth, which kills all life on the planet, including Ayesha. As his ship enters orbit, Quill and Groot leap off with Theel, retrieving the code from him. Gamora arrives with their ship to rescue them, while Nebula, Mantis, and Drax board the High Evolutionary's ship to rescue the now-absent Quill and Groot. As Quill's group attempts to access the code, Rocket flatlines and has a near death experience, where he sees Lylla, Teefs, and Floor. Lylla tells him that his time has not yet come as Quill uses the code to disable the kill switch and save Rocket's life.

Nebula, Mantis, and Drax come across hundreds of imprisoned humanoid children on the High Evolutionary's ship before being captured. Quill's group sets out to rescue the three, who are placed in a chamber with monstrous Abilisks. Mantis befriends the Abilisks, allowing the group to escape and reunite with Quill's group, together overpowering the High Evolutionary's army. Kraglin and Cosmo arrive on Knowhere, and Cosmo creates a telekinetic tunnel connecting Knowhere to the High Evolutionary's ship to free the captured children. Rocket discovers imprisoned animals on the ship before being attacked by the High Evolutionary, but the rest of the Guardians help subdue him, leaving him to perish on his ship. The Guardians rescue the animals and lead them aboard Knowhere. Quill nearly dies trying to cross over but is saved by Adam, who had a change of heart after being saved by Groot.

In the aftermath, Quill leaves the Guardians, bestowing the captaincy to Rocket before leaving for Earth to reunite with his grandfather Jason. Mantis embarks on a journey of self-discovery with the Abilisks, Gamora reunites with the Ravagers, and Nebula and Drax remain on Knowhere to raise the rescued children.

In a mid-credits scene, the new Guardians, consisting of Rocket, a fully-grown Groot, Cosmo, Kraglin, Adam, Phyla-Vell (one of the rescued children), and Adam's pet Blurp, take on a new mission. In a post-credits scene, Quill eats breakfast with his grandfather Jason.

Cast of Guardians of The Galaxy Volume 3

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