Gen V Episode 8 Guardians of Godolkin
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Gen V Episode 8 Guardians of Godolkin

John and Derek wrap up the first season with our chat all about the Gen V Finale "Guardians of Godolkin" a bloody and brutal end for the show which sets up the Boys Season 4. We chat all about it in spoiler filled detail on this podcast.

GEN V Episode 8 Guardians of Godolkin Details

Showrunners: Michele Fazekas and Tara Butters

Developed by: Craig Rosenberg, Evan Goldberg & Eric Kripke

Based on the comic series from Garth Ennis and Darick Robertson

Episode written by: Brant Englestein

Episode directed by: Sanaa Hamri

GEN V Episode 8 Guardians of Godolkin Synopsis:

In the aftermath of Dean Shetty’s murder, a divide emerges in the group of Goldolkin University as seek to prove their superiority over humans. As Cate and Sam return to the Woods to free the remaining captives before leading them in a killing spree on non-Supes across campus, no associate professor of media is safe. At the same time Marie, Jordan, and Emma attempt to contain the chaos emerging across campus.

By chance Vought CEO Ashley Barrett is at Godolkin University for a meeting with the trustees on how to spin Luke's suicide as well as addressing the declining applications and poor grades at the university. But very rapidly saving their own lives is added as an emergency AoB to their agenda as they request the assistance of Homelander with the vengeful supes make their way closer to Ashley, Bourke and the trustees.

As Marie helps to contain some of the mess she demonstrates increased mastery of her blood powers taking down a Cate-controlled Maverick and one of the escaped supes. Meanwhile, Sam suffers a crisis of conscience about his part in the killings as he starts to hallucinate his deceased brother, Luke, who tells him to stop and reveals how he died. But Sam is ultimately swayed by Cate and he ignores his inner Luke, allowing Cate to destroy his ability to feel emotions. 

In Vought’s medical facility, Andre learns that Polarity's seizure was the result of brain damage caused by his powers before receiving the Polarity mantle from his father. He rushes back to Godolkin when he learns what has transpired there after a phone call with Cate and sides with Marie to stop the continuing bloodshed and to help fight the rampaging Supes. 

As things come to an explosive head, Cate tries to brainwash Jordan, but Marie detonates Cate's arm before Homelander arrives and attacks Marie, accusing her of "attacking her own kind". 

Sometime later, Marie, Jordan, Emma, and Andre awaken in a sealed hospital room at an unknown location and learn they were framed for Sam and Cate's attack while the pair are hailed as the "Guardians of Godolkin". Meanwhile, at Godolkin University, Billy Butcher investigates the ruins of The Woods'. What a bunch of Country Club members!

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Question 8: What is written on the front of Sam’s sweatshirt?

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That’s it for our blood filled coverage of The Boys Spin Off Gen V. We’ll be back with Eric Kripke for the Boys Season 4 next year and a new semester of Gen V will be coming soon.

We’ve already started our new show though Our first podcast about Invincible Season 2 "A Lesson For Your Next Life" is out right now on your feed and we’ll be covering the show for the next three weeks on this very podcast.

Thanks for joining us. Keep Watching and Keep Listening along with us.

Derek, Chris and John

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