Gen V Episode 6 "Jumanji" Podcast
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Gen V Episode 6 "Jumanji" Podcast

Hot on the heals of the season 2 renewal for Gen V we're chatting all the spoilers for Gen V Episode 6 Jumanji.

GEN V Episode 6 Jumanji Details

Showrunners: Michele Fazekas and Tara Butters

Developed by: Craig Rosenberg, Evan Goldberg & Eric Kripke

Based on the comic series from Garth Ennis and Darick Robertson

Episode written by: Lauren Greer

Episode directed by: Rachel Goldberg

Episode 6 Jumanji Synopsis:

As Cate uses her powers to restore the memories she stole from them, Marie, Andre and Jordan react to her betrayal and Emma runs to find Sam.

But the immense power she has used puts Cate into overload dragging the rest into her mind. Inside her memories they learn how Dean Shetty manipulated Cate into her experiments on Sam and Luke.

But they also meet her imaginary friend Soldier Boy who tells them their lives are at risk if they don't get out of Cate's mind before it breaks for good.

As their memories intertwine they all learn each other's secrets. Andre had been cheating with Cate behind Luke's back, Jordan had known about Brink's involvement but chose their advancement at God U over reporting it and the extent of Marie's sister's anger at her.

Realising all their problems stem from their parents experimentation with Compound V, Marie tries to convince Cate that it's not her fault. She agrees to let them go but Andre pushes her further, telling Cate she doesn’t just get to walk away from all the harm she’s caused.

They return from Cate’s mind in time for her to be threatened by Sam for her responsibility in his brother’s death. Emma calms him down and they confront the reality that Dean Shetty is behind it all.

Meanwhile Doctor Cardosa has been testing a virus he created on the fire supe, Betsy, one of the occupants of The Woods. When she’s unable to use her powers Dean Shetty asks him to increase the dose. The supe quickly dies and Dr Cardosa is concerned that he’s failed Shetty. But instead she wants to know how quickly he can weaponise the Supe killing Virus.

Episode Cast

The Gen V Student Bar Quiz

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Question 6: How many years does Dean Shetty discover that Cate was locked in her room by her mother following the incident with her brother, Caleb?

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We'll be back next week for our chat about Gen V Episode 6 “Jumanji".

Thanks for joining us. Keep Watching and Keep Listening along with us.

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