Gen V Episode 4 "The Whole Truth"
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Gen V Episode 4 "The Whole Truth"

We're back with the kids of Godolkin University chatting about Gen V Episode 4 The Whole Truth. The episode is available now on Prime Video and this is a spoiler filled podcast so make sure you've watched before you listen to the podcast.

GEN V Episode 4 The Whole Truth Details

Showrunners: Michele Fazekas and Tara Butters

Developed by: Craig Rosenberg, Evan Goldberg & Eric Kripke

Based on the comic series from Garth Ennis and Darick Robertson

Episode written by: Jessica Chou

Episode directed by: Steve Boyum

Episode 4 The Whole Truth Synopsis:

On the instructions of Vaught International, supe powered investigator Tek Knight brings his TV show “The Whole Truth” to the campus of Godolkin University. With the hashtag “Why Did Golden Boy Do It” still trending he’s been tasked with getting an answer to cover up the connection to The Woods under the school.

Concerned for her missing housemate Emma after Andre sent her to The Woods, Marie tries to get help from a clairvoyant student, Rufus to find her. But Rufus is a serial sex offender and tries to use his powers to assault Marie. With Jordan’s help, Marie comes to her senses in time to make sure Rufus never does this again.

Despite Dean Shetty warning him off, Tec Knight goes after the top 5. He interviews Andre, speculating that his relationship with Kate drove Luke over the edge. Or was it jealousy from Jordan Li or Kate being pushed from a promising career into management of Golden Boy? He keeps following leads until he interrogates Marie Moreau pushing her to get the truth of the story, that she was not the Guardian of Godolkin, Jordan Li actually saved her. With the story not going as planned Tek Knight tries to pin it on Dean Shetty but the Dean has learnt of Tek Knight's proclivity of filling every hole he sees and blackmails him to leave the school and it’s students alone.

Jordan is angry that Marie threw herself under the bus to tell the truth but a spark is forming between them and as they kiss Emma returns. Sam used his powers violently killing half of the security team in The Woods to get them both to safety. They hid out in an abandoned Drive In, but after learning of his brother Luke’s death Sam starts to disconnect from reality. 

Puppets from a children’s TV show, and television's Jason Ritter, encourage Sam to go to the home of The Wood’s scientist Doctor Edison Cordosa and kill him for what he’s done. As Sam threatens the scientist, his husband and son, Andre, Emma, Jordan, Marie and Kate arrive to subdue him. With the rest overpowered by Sam, Emma eats herself giant and holds him down. As the team tries to calm him down something happens and Marie wakes up in bed beside Jordan Li not knowing how they got there.

Episode Cast

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Question 4: what two signs does Tek Knight observe on Dean Shetty to show she has something to hide as he questions her in her office?

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We'll be back next week for our chat about Gen V Episode 5 “Welcome to the Monster Club".

Thanks for joining us. Keep Watching and Keep Listening along with us.

Derek, Chris and John

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