Good Omens 202 The Clue
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Good Omens 202 The Clue

John and his own ineffable fiancé Derek return for our weekly coverage of Good Omens Season 2 with Episode 2 "The Clue".

Another great fun tale featuring a comedic take on the trials of Job.

Based on the book Good Omens by Terry Pratchett and Neil Gaiman and starring David Tennant and Michael Sheen we’re discussing each of the six episodes of this series one a week. This is our spoiler filled discussion so as always make sure you’ve watched the episode before listening to the podcast.

Good Omens 202 “The Clue” synopsis

In 2500 BCE in the Land of Uz, Aziraphale (Michael Sheen) arrives to stop Crowley (David Tennant) from bestowing the nicest guy in the world, Job (Peter Davidson), horrific disasters to befall him, including his herd of goats. He learns that Crowley is there by permission of The Almighty (Frances McDormand) and the trials are intended to test Job’s faith as a bet between God and Satan.

Aziraphale, feeling pity for him, is horrified by the prospect of heaven and hell destroying Job's children, and after some convincing he and Crowley trick the angels into thinking that Job's children are dead, although hidden in lizard form. 

When the Archangels reveal the tests to Job and reward him with double his losses, Crowley and Aziraphale hatch a plan. Crowley disguised as Uzu the Sihite, a professional midwife and cobbler, pretends to extract Job’s wife, Siti’s (Andi Osho), ribs to kid, while transforming his actual children from lizard form. Aziraphale confirms that all birthing was in accordance with how it happened in the Garden of Eden and that the children are in fact new replacements. But Aziraphale feels great guilt for thwarting the will of God, and wonders if he did the right thing. 

In the present, Jim, short for James, short for Gabriel (Jon Hamm), seems to be enjoying his job as bookshop assistant so much he begins singing the Buddy Holly hit Everyday. Could this be The Clue to Gabriel’s amnesia? 

Meanwhile, Michael (Doon Mackichan), Uriel (Gloria Obianyo), and Saraqael (Liz Carr) arrive in Soho upon tracing the miracle to the bookshop. However, due to the miracle Aziraphale and Crowley performed, they cannot recognize Gabriel, and leave, still suspicious of Aziraphale, who assures the assembled hosts that the miracle was for love between Maggie (Maggie Service) and Nina (Nina Sosanya). 

As Shax (Miranda Richardson) offers to drop the hostility towards Crowley in exchange for the information on where Gabriel is; while Aziraphale commandeers Crowley’s wheels to embark on a road trip to The Resurrectionists, a pub at 66 Goat Gate in Edinburgh to investigate his brand new Clue leaving an exasperated Crowley to watch over the bookshop and Gabriel.

Our top signs of the apocalypse

Each episode we’ll go through our top moments of the episode called the Top “Signs of The Apocalypse”. We’d love to hear about your favourite moments, any thoughts, theories and Easter eggs that you see in the episodes that we might have missed. Email us at with either an MP3 recording of your thoughts or an email for each episode.

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Next Time on Good Omens

Thanks so much for joining us for this episode of Good Omens. We’ll be back with our discussion of Good Omens Season 2 Chapter 3: "I Know Where I'm Going featuring the minisode The Resurrectionists" next week.

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