Good Omens 204 The Hitchhiker
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Good Omens 204 The Hitchhiker

Derek and John are back for our weekly Good Omens Season 2 podcast with Chapter 4 "The Hitchhiker".

Nazi zombies invade London in a minisode in the 1940s featuring the League of Gentlemen cast and writers.

Based on the book Good Omens by Terry Pratchett and Neil Gaiman and starring David Tennant and Michael Sheen we’re discussing each of the six episodes of this series one a week. This is our spoiler filled discussion so as always make sure you’ve watched the episode before listening to the podcast.

Good Omens 204 “The Hitchhiker” synopsis

The demon Shax hitches a lift with Aziraphale as he drives Crowley’s Bentley back from Edinburgh, and deduces that Gabriel is hiding in the bookshop. 

Meanwhile, returning to 1941, three Nazi agents go to Hell after they are killed by a falling bomb and plenty of demonic intervention by Crowley. Standing in line to go straight to Hell, the three Nazis, Mr Glozier, Mr Harmony and Greta Kleinsman, mention to their processor, the demon Furfur, that they are there only because of Crowley and Aziraphale. 

Furfur offers to spare them eternal damnation and resurrect them as flesheating Nazi zombies if they spy for him. Furfur hopes to advance his rank in Hell by getting proof that the demon and angel are consorting together. 

As Aziraphale joins Crowley in Blitz damaged London to deliver his bootleg booze to the West End, Aziraphale offers to perform magic on the West End to help the owner of the loss making theatre. Aziraphale begins to prepare his show with the help of Crowley who suggests something with more of a bang leading them to invest in a potentially lethal bullet trick that he’ll perform on stage with the help of Crowley and plenty of miracles if all goes wrong. All the while the two are being followed by the nibbling Nazi zombies. 

At the theatre, Mr Glozier calls Furfur to the show to get his evidence and who places a miracle blocker over the theatre. With the anti-upped the trick is a huge success, but Furfur takes a photo of the pair's cavorting and cooperation and tells them both they're doomed. As their reward the Nazis will live out their days as zombies roaming the earth.

Furfur goes to present the proof to the Dark Council, not knowing Aziraphale’s sleight of hand as he switches the photo with a West End poster, and the Council dismiss poor Furfur, laughing and taunting him at his failure.

Back in the present, Shax, with the permission of Beelzebub, plans to storm the bookshop with the very best of the demonic army at her disposal and take Gabriel by force. Meanwhile Aziraphale has plans of his own to pull out all the stops to get Nina and Maggie together at the Whickber Street Traders and Shopkeepers Association Monthly Meeting. It’ll be a night to remember!

Our top signs of the apocalypse

Each episode we’ll go through our top moments of the episode called the Top “Signs of The Apocalypse”. We’d love to hear about your favourite moments, any thoughts, theories and Easter eggs that you see in the episodes that we might have missed. Email us at with either an MP3 recording of your thoughts or an email for each episode.

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Next Time on Good Omens

Thanks so much for joining us for this episode of Good Omens. We’ll be back with our discussion of Good Omens Season 2 Chapter 5: The Ball next week.

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