Star Trek Picard 303 "Seventeen Seconds" Review
TV Podcast IndustriesMarch 04, 2023x
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Star Trek Picard 303 "Seventeen Seconds" Review

John and Derek are back to discuss Star Trek Picard Season 3 Episode 3 in our latest podcast. We chat all about "Seventeen Seconds" in spoiler filled detail.

Question 3 in our Picard Ten Forward Pub Quiz is: What beverage does Worf (son of Mogh, house of Martok, son of Sergey, house of Rozhenko, bane to the Duras family, slayer of Gowron) offer to Raffina?

All other questions are available on our Brand New website here:

Gather all 10 answers and email us at the end of the season to and you could get your hands on some Star Trek Picard goodies.