Echo Episode 4 Taloa
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Echo Episode 4 Taloa

Derek, John and Chris are back to Echo Episode 4 Taloa the penultimate episode of the tv show as we learn another ancestors story and Maya gets an offer from Fisk.

Echo Episode 4 Taloa Synopsis

Echo Character Created by David Mack and Joe Quesada

Head Writer: Marion Dayre

Written by: Ken Kristensen, Joshua Feldman and Chantelle Wells

Episode Directed by: Sydney Freeland

In 2008, a young Maya is verbally abused by an ice cream vendor, who fails to understand her request for ice cream. An enraged Fisk retaliates by brutally attacking the vendor. Although Maya witnesses this, she kicks the vendor as payback. 

Several years later, Maya is about to begin working for Fisk, when he offers a final lesson - only the two of them can trust one another. While they finish their shared dinner, Fisk's ASL translator is dismissed and brutally killed.

Back in Tamaha at Maya’s family home, Fissk and his men surround Maya, but Fisk gives Maya an augmented reality contact lens so that they can communicate without an ASL interpreter. Fisk tells her that he will give her his criminal empire if she agrees to return with him to New York, giving her one day to decide. 

Maya shares this with Henry, who advises against it, but she suddenly receives a vision of her ancestors. At the Choctaw Powwow festival grounds, Chula receives the same vision. Henry takes Maya to see Chula, who tells her that their ancestors help them when they need it most, recounting a vision that she received when giving birth to Maya's mother, Taloa. 

Maya leaves in anger, feeling abandoned by Chula as a child. Chula later begins to work on a special garment. That night, Maya goes to Fisk's hotel with the intention of killing him. Revealing to her that he killed his father after seeing him beat his mother, Fisk tells her to make good on her threat if that is what she needs, but she rejects this. He repeats his invitation to join her in New York, but is enraged to find out the next morning that Maya has left Tamaha without him.

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Question 4: What day of the week do Fisk and Maya have their "Sunday" dinner in Tamaha?

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Thanks for joining us for our Echo Episode 4 "Taloa" podcast. We will be back next week for the finale with the Echo Episode 5 "Maya".

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Derek, Chris and John

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