The Last Of Us Episode 2 "Infected" Review from TV Podcast Industries
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The Last Of Us Episode 2 "Infected" Review from TV Podcast Industries

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Welcome back fellow survivors we're chatting about The Last Of Us Episode 2 "Infected" in our spoiler filled podcast. Based on the PlayStation Game series from Naughty Dog Showrunner: Craig Mazin and Neil Druckmann Episode Written by: Craig Mazin Episode Directed by: Neil Druckmann Synopsis for The Last Of Us Episode 2 "Infected" In Jakarta, Indonesia, in 2003, Ibu Ratna, a professor of mycology, is brought in by the army to examine a body bitten by a co-worker in a wheat milling facility and infected with cordyceps. The authorities are looking for a cure to prevent the spread of this emerging outbreak, but after her shocking discovery, her advice is simple: Start bombing the city and everyone in it!! In the present, after escaping the quarantine zone, Ellie has questions to answer after it is discovered that she is infected. She explains to Joel and Tess that she is immune and is being transported west in hopes of being used to find a cure by the Fireflies.Searching for a way through the city to the waiting Fireflies at the Boston State House, they discover their preferred route, the “long-way around”, is littered with newly infected. Looking at the mass of infected from on high, Tess explains to Ellie how they are connected through the mycorrhizal network or fibres, to try and warn her that her immunity doesn’t stretch to being ripped apart. The threesome must now cut around the infected through the Bostonian Museum, a shorter route, but one that Joel and Tess are apprehensive about. Entering the museum, there are signs of the presence of a “clicker”, an infected that is blind but uses sounds and vibrations to locate its victims. Moving slowly, and with care, they are close to making their way to safety when they are attacked by two clickers. As Joel and Tess struggle to fight the clickers off, they finally manage to kill them, but not before Ellie is bitten again and Tess injures her ankle. After bandaging themselves up the trio arrives at the State House only to find the Fireflies slaughtered by one another after one member was infected. Seemingly their mission is short-lived as Joel believes they must head back to the quarantine zone. But Tess’ mood begins to change, revealing she was bitten on the neck, while Ellie's bite begins to heal, showing her immunity. Debating what to do, one of the infected Fireflies that has turned is shot by Joel, which alerts many others to their location through the fungus tendril network. With little time remaining as the hoard charges towards the State House and the infection begins to take hold of Tess, she pleads with Joel to take Ellie to their contacts Bill and Frank who will deliver her west to the Fireflies and to keep some hope alive. She manages to convince him to escape with Ellie while she remains. The horde runs into the State House after Joel and Ellie, ignoring Tess, who is struggling to ignite the gasoline and grenades cocktail with her lighter. As more infected pile into the State House one infected moves towards Tess to connect her to the fungal mycorrhizal through the tendrils from his mouth to hers. In Tess’ last breath she manages to light her lighter, blowing up the building and killing herself along with the horde. The Last Of Us World's End Pub Quiz During each podcast we'll ask a question about each episode in our Last Of Us World's End Pub Quiz. You can send in your answers each week to At the end of the nine episode season, the listeners with the most correct answers will be in with the chance of getting their hands on The Last Of Us Part 1 on either PlayStation 5 or PC goodies. All questions will be updated on: Episode 2 “Infected” Question: What musical instrument is on display in the room of the Bostonian Museum just before Joel, Tess and Ellie are attacked by the Clickers? Main Cast of The Last of Us Episode 2 ...