Picard 308 Pub Quiz Question Correction!
TV Podcast IndustriesApril 07, 2023x
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Picard 308 Pub Quiz Question Correction!

Derek O'NeillDerek O'NeillHost
John HarrisonJohn HarrisonHost
Chris JonesChris JonesHost

Oops there was an error in this week's Ten Forward Pub Quiz Question. It's impossible. Sorry about that. The correct question for chapter 8 is:

What new Betazoid word does Deanna Troi teach Will Riker when they are imprisoned on the Shrike?

All pub quiz questions are correct and updated on https://tvpodcastindustries.com/blog/picardpubquiz

Sorry for the error but we hope you'll be able to answer this one and join us for the rest of the season.


Derek, John and Chris