Penny Dreadful City of Angels Season One Wrap Up Podcast
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Penny Dreadful City of Angels Season One Wrap Up Podcast

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The full team are here for the Penny Dreadful City of Angels Season 1 Wrap Up Podcast. Joining us once again for our spoiler filled chat about the whole show is Rey from Into the Knight THE Moon Knight podcast. Showrunner/Created by: John Logan Penny Dreadful Season 1 Cast Magda/Elsa/Alex/Rio played by Natalie DormerSantiago (Tiago) Vega played by Daniel ZovattoDoctor Peter Craft played by Rory KinnearMaria Vega played by Adriana BarrazaCouncilman Charlton Townsend played by Michael GladisDetective Lewis Michner played by Nathan LaneDottie Minter played by Lin Shaye Christine EstabrookMateo Vega played by Johnathan NievesDiego Lopez played by Adan RochaJosephina Vega played by Jessica GarzaSister Molly played by Kerry BishéFly Rico played by Sebastian ChaconMiss Adelaide played by Amy MadiganKurt played by Dominic SherwoodFrank played by Santino BarnardTom Craft played by Julian HilliardTrevor Craft played by Hudson WestBenny Berman played by Brad GarrettBrian Koenig played by Kyle McArthur Special guest host Rey Rey is the regular host of "Into The Knight the Moon Knight Podcast" and "Last Sons of Krypton a Superman podcast". We were delighted to have him rejoin us to talk Penny Dreadful. He's currently covering "The Age of Konshu" on Into the Knight, a six issue Marvel comics event centered around Moon Knight. Check out his other podcasts on Spotify or on any other podcast catcher. Penny Dreadful City of Angels Season 1 Recap The Lady of the Holy Death, Santa Muerte and her Demon sister Magda discuss the fate of mankind. Magda believes that “All mankind needs to be the monster he truly is is being told he can.” and wants to prove it to Santa Muerte. Magda kills a group of Mexican farm workers including Jose Vega. As Jose dies in her arms Santa Muerte protects his young son Tiago leaving him scarred for life.In 1938 on his first day as the only Mexican American Detective in the LAPD Tiago Vega is confronted by the grizzly murder of The Hazletts, a rich white family from Beverly Hills. Working with his Jewish partner, Lewis Michner, their investigation leads them to the Joyful Voices ministry where Tiago falls in love with his prime suspect in the case, Sister Molly Finnister. But Molly learns that her own mother, Miss Adelaide, had the Hazlett family murdered to protect their church’s wealth and influence. Adelaide used traditional Mexican iconography to hide the motive for the Hazlett’s deaths. Reeling from the revelation Sister Molly takes her own life and is welcomed into the arms of Santa Muerte.Before Tiago’s arrival, Lewis Michener, had been fighting the creeping influence of the Nazi’s on LA with his friends Dottie, Sam, Anton and Jewish mafia boss Benny Berman. When Sam and Anton are murdered by the Nazi’s, the Jewish friends try to save a young scientist, Brian Koenig. Koenig has worked out the secret to rocket propelled flight which could give extend the Nazi’s weapon range all the way to the USA. When Michner learns that Brian Koenig is fascinated by the science of what he is creating and has no thought of the possible impacts, the detective chooses death for the young scientist.Meanwhile throughout the city of angels, demon Magda creates various personas to influence susceptible men to ready the path for her arrival. When nation battles nation, race devours race and brother kills brother not a soul will be left and Magda will appear.Her first persona Alex takes the form of a mousy personal assistant to closeted gay Councilman Charlton Townsend. Working with German architect Herr Richard Goss, Alex encourages Townsend to get support for a road through immigrant populations in Los Angeles by promising him greater power in the city. They keep the councilman in check by arranging a relationship with Kurt, a handsome but dangerous gestapo officer.The second, Rio, is a co leader of a flamboyant Mexican America...