Ahsoka Part 5 "Shadow Warrior"
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Ahsoka Part 5 "Shadow Warrior"

WHAT AN EPISODE! We travel to the World Between Worlds in Star Wars Ahsoka Part 5 Shadow Warrior. We loved this episode and chat all about it in our latest podcast.

Ahsoka Part 5 "Shadow Warrior" Synopsis

Executive Producers - Dave Filoni, Jon Favreau, Kathleen Kennedy, Colin Wilson and Carrie Beck

Head Writer: Dave Filoni

Part 5 Written by: Dave Filoni

Part 5 Directed by: Dave Filoni

Hera Syndulla arrives on Seatos where she finds no trace of Ahsoka nor Sabine Wren. Alerted by a noise at the Henge she finds only Huyang holding Sabine’s helmet recalling that he told them both to stay together. 

While the X-Wings sweep the nearby forest for Sabine and Ahsoka, Jacen Syndulla senses lightsabers clashing above the noise of the crashing waves as he senses Ahsoka’s presence in the World Between Worlds and reveals to his mother Hera and Huyang his own connection with the Force. Hera orders the X-Wings to begin sweeping the coastline for Ahsoka. 

In the World Between Worlds, Anakin explains to Ahsoka that he had been watching her through the Force and deduces that her loss with Baylon Skoll is partially due to her unresolved guilt over the events that drove them apart.He is here to continue their training and gives her the choice to “live or die” as his lightsaber ignites. As they duel Ahsoka has the bridge taken from beneath her and falls into a battle where she relives fragments of her past with Anakin during the Clone Wars. 

But Ahsoka doesn’t want to simply be a Jedi of war and refuses Anakin’s teachings, determined to not be held to the legacy of her Master’s past nor those of his Masters from before. Her refusal leads to another duel between them, which Ahsoka wins and chooses to live, accepting that she wasn’t part of the reason for Anakin’s downfall. 

Ahsoka is recovered by Hera’s crew after being picked up on Chopper’s scanner. Once she has recovered she uses her powers to learn that Sabine is with Baylon Skol. As she contemplates what to do she sees the Purrgil overhead and realises there is another way to find the Pathway to Peridia. At the same time Hera is contacted by Mon Mothma who informs her that New Republic forces are en route to take her and Ahsoka into custody. 

As a New Republic Fleet led by Captain Girard arrives, X-Wing pilot Carson Teva is tasked with holding them up as Ahsoka force-connects to a pod of Purrgil to get them to take her and Huyang to Ezra and Sabine. 

Syndulla, Jacen, and Chopper stay behind, with Hera likely to be stripped of her rank at the hands of the Senate for the unauthorised mission, as the New Republic Defense Fleet watches the large pod of Purrgil jump to hyperspace with Ahsoka and Huyang.

Star Wars Ahsoka Cast Part 5

A Return to a Galaxy Far Far Away

We will discuss:

- Our Top 3 Points (or Saber Points) of the episode

- Notes, Quotes and references

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Question 5: What are the coordinates that Chopper gives Jacen to locate Ahsoka?

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