The Wheel of Time Season 2 Premiere Episodes
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The Wheel of Time Season 2 Premiere Episodes

We are back for season 2 of Robert Jordan's Wheel of Time season 2 in this podcast we discuss the first three episodes of the season in spoiler filled detail.

The Wheel of Time Season 2 Premiere.

Based on the book series The Wheel of Time created by Robert Jordan

Showrunner: Rafe Lee Judkins

Episode 1 "A Taste of Solitude"

Written by: Amanda Kate Shuman

Directed by: Thomas Napper

Episode 2 "Strangers and Friends"

Written by: Katherine B. McKenna

Directed by: Thomas Napper

Episode 3 "What Might Be"

Written by: John McCutcheon

Directed by: Sanaa Hamri

Spoiler Filled Synopsis

A meeting of Darkfriends occurs, where Ishamael, the Dark Ones strongest servant, decides to observe Rand Al'Thor, the Dragon Reborn, instead of killing him. 

After the events at the Eye, Moiraine has been living with Adeleas and Verin, her fellow Aes Sedai, gathering information on the coming battle. Moiraine all the time struggles with the loss of the One Power and her bond with her Warder Lan begins to weaken as she increasingly pushes him away. Moiraine leaves to follow up on her plans alone but is attacked and wounded by three Fades, and is only saved by the weave and warder of Verin and Adeleas.

Meanwhile, Rand has gone into hiding in Cairhien, and has developed a relationship with an innkeeper called Selene. Working at a hospice where he looks after a war damaged swordsman called Errol, his true intention to gain access to the False Dragon Logain who is a patient there comes to fruition. After bringing a bottle of wine as a price for the information, Rand asks Logain to teach him how to control the One Power without going mad. But Logain reveals that the Power can't be controlled.

Believing Rand Al’Thor to be dead, Egwene and Nynaeve have started their Aes Sedai training as Novices at the White Tower. Egwene is determined to succeed but frustrated by the lack of praise, and has become jealous of Nyneave who is praised as one of the most powerful Aes Sedai to have ever entered the Tower. As Egwene's friendship with Nynaeve becomes strained, she befriends Elayne Trakand, the daughter-heir of Andor who has come to study at the White Tower.

However, Nynaeve struggles to Channel the One Power, except when angry or afraid. The Red Ajah, Liandrin, wants to train Nynaeve, despite her past history with Novices, and pushes for Nynaeve to undergo the testing and become an Accepted, which would allow her to train Nynaeve. 

In the depths of the White Tower, Mat has been imprisoned in the Tower by Liandrin at Moiraine's request. As he tries to escape his cell he chisels through to another cell instead meeting Min who he befriends. Min, who has a special ability to touch the One Power to see future events, has also been locked up by Liandrin, and as she gets to know Matt sees a vision of Mat stabbing Rand.

Perrin and Loial have joined a company of Shienarans led by Ingtar Shinowa to hunt for the Horn of Valere and Padan Fain who stole it from Fal Dara. They are joined by a "sniffer" Elyas, who takes an interest in Perrin. After coming across a massacre of innocent people and with a Fade nailed to a wall, they travel on to a small village, which is attacked by a Seanchan force. Perrin, Loial and the Shienarans are captured, as the Seanchan leader Suroth arrives along with Ishamael. Forced to swear fealty to the Seanchan, Ishamael is intrigued by Perrin, and encourages him to unleash his inner beast.

Moiraine and Lan recover after the attack from the Fades, and prepare to leave for the White Tower despite Moiraine being exiled by the Amyrlin. While on their way there, Verin deduces that Moiraine found the Dragon Reborn, and intends to serve him no matter what. Moiraine releases Lan from her service, claiming that he can't protect her anymore, and has Alanna and her warders escort him to the Tower. 

In the White Tower, Nynave undergoes her Accepted test, which involves facing trials inside Ter'angreal Arches. NyNaeve passes two of the trails but on the third seemingly fails after choosing a life with Lan inside the Arches over becoming an Aes Sedai. Liandrin and the other Aes Sedai believe her to be dead, and Elayne has to comfort a grieving Egwene. Liandrin releases Mat, to comfort Egwene (which he opts not to do), but also has Min follow him. 

Inside the Arches, Nynaeve’s life with Lan is ruined by a Trolloc attack, and she escapes back to the real world, and is embraced by a shocked Egwene.

The Wheel of Time Finale Cast

Moiraine Damodred played by Rosamund Pike

Lan Mondragoran played by Daniel Henney

Nynaeve al'Meara played by Zoë Robins

Egwene Al'Vere played by Madeleine Madden

Rand al'Thor played by Josha Stradowski

Perrin Aybara played by Perrin Aybara

Mat Cauthon played by Dónal Finn

Min Farshaw Played by Kae Alexander

Padan Fain played by Johann Myers

Liandrin Guirale played by Kate Fleetwood

Tam al'Thor played by Michael McElhatton

Loial (The Ogair) played by Hammed Animashaun

Ishamael played by Fares Fares

Elayne Trakand played by Ceara Coveney

Meera Syal as Verin

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