Invincible Atom Eve Special Podcast
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Invincible Atom Eve Special Podcast

Chris and Derek are back with Invincible one last time to discuss The Invincible Atom Eve Special episode. We didn't have time to cover it on the podcast when it first came out but go watch the episode and come join us for our spoiler filled chat all about it.

Invincible Atom Eve Special Synopsis

Created by: Robert KirkmanRyan OttleyCory Walker

Supervising Director: Dan Duncan

Episode Written by: Helen Leigh and Robert Kirkman

Directed by: Haylee Herrick

Eighteen years ago, government scientist Dr. Elias Brandyworth disobeys his superior, Steven Erickson, and leaves with a dying pregnant woman named Polly, who gives birth to a powerful superhuman.

Dr. Brandyworth swaps her child with the Wilkins' deceased newborn so that she can grow up with a normal family as Samantha Eve Wilkins.

Growing up, Samantha proves highly knowledgeable about molecules and was admitted to a school for scholars, but longed for a normal life.

After discovering her transmutation powers, she scares off her only friend Val and is transferred back to public school for failing class.

As she attempts to become a hero, she encounters a homeless Doctor Brandyworth, who reveals her origins as a government project and warns her not to use her powers.

She later battles a group of deformed children that the government created amidst failed attempts at recreating her.

After the children die, Erickson captures Eve, Doctor Brandyworth, and reveals he has Eve's mother Polly captured. He intends to use them to create better weapons.

In the ensuing fight, Erickson kills Doctor Brandyworth and her mother. Enraged, Eve overcomes the mental barrier that prevented her from transmuting living material and erases Erickson's memories.

She returns home to find her parents are upset that she has missed her own birthday party. She goes to her room and creates a photo of all the lost and dead people from Erickson's experiments. These are her real family but she'll put up with the Wilkins.

Meanwhile, across town, Nolan Grayson hides his frustration that his son Mark is pretending to be Duct Tape man while he is waiting for his true powers to reveal themselves.

Invincible Atom Eve Special Cast

Invincible has some of the most exceptional voice actors in all of animation. Here's the full cast of the episode.

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Derek and Chris

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