Gen V Episode 7 "SICK" Podcast
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Gen V Episode 7 "SICK" Podcast

Chris, John and Derek are all together for the penultimate episode of Gen V and we're discussing all the spoilers for Gen V Episode 7 SICK.

GEN V Episode 7 SICK Details

Showrunners: Michele Fazekas and Tara Butters

Developed by: Craig Rosenberg, Evan Goldberg & Eric Kripke

Based on the comic series from Garth Ennis and Darick Robertson

Episode written by: Chelsea Grate

Episode directed by: Shana Stein

Episode 7 SICK Synopsis:

While Dean Shetty is with Dr Cardosa in The Woods to observe his latest developments to the virus on the imprisoned Supes, she receives a call from Cate who wants to meet her. But Shetty, unaware of the plans being made by Cate, Marie, Jordan and Andre, can only meet later due to an important meeting in the city.

However, Jordan is still suspicious of Cate and her new found mind-reading abilities, and persuades Marie to try another route to expose Dean Shetty. They break into her office where they learn Shetty's family was killed in the plane crash of Transoceanic flight 47 caused by Homelander and overhear Doctor Cardosa rambling about the virus that will kill all Supes. They bring their evidence and present it to Victoria Neuman, a politician on the vice presidential trail who is at Godolkin University for a town hall meeting. 

Meanwhile, Dean Shetty’s meeting in the city is with one Colonel Grace Mallory in a back alley downtown. Shetty needs her help to hide the development of the virus from Vought and to enable its transmission globally to kill all Supes, but Colonel Mallory refuses the offer. As Shetty departs Mallory secretly orders someone to observe her. 

While Cate and Andre wait for Dean Shetty to return they see a TV interview with Cameron Coleman, Andre's father, Polarity, and it becomes increasingly apparent to Cate that the two have become estranged. But Polarity suffers a seizure mid-interview. Andre rushes to his father in time and joins him as he is evacuated to the hospital. 

Elsewhere Senator Neuman is trying to garner support for her campaign at the Town Hall meeting. But supe student protestors, led by Rufus, incite a riot in the lecture theatre chanting "Supes Lives Matter". Sam gets caught up in the situation and seemingly is sympathetic to the possibility of a future where Supes are better than humans.

While evacuating, Victoria Neuman meets Marie and discovers they share similar powers and upbringings. Marie tries to convince Neuman to help her expose the Woods to Vought, but Neuman tells her to focus on one path convincing her that she will handle it and for Marie to pursue her dream of becoming the first black, female member of the Seven where she will have real power and influence instead. 

After learning that Dean Shetty does love her, Cate forces Shetty to reveal the truth behind the Woods and her motivation for creating the virus. Despite her motherly love Cate forces her to slit her own throat and controls Marie to prevent her from keeping Shetty alive. 

Following the information from Marie, Senator Neuman secretly meets Doctor Cardosa. He gives her a virus sample before she kills him, exploding his head, to stop his knowledge from spreading, but not his brains. A true American Hero!

Episode Cast

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Question 7: What does Dean Shetty have in her cupboards, that’s not British tea?

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We'll be back next week for our chat about the Gen V finale Episode 8 “Guardians of Godolkin".

Thanks for joining us. Keep Watching and Keep Listening along with us.

Derek, Chris and John

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