TVPI 800th Episode Ahsoka Cantina Quiz Results
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TVPI 800th Episode Ahsoka Cantina Quiz Results

We've reached and passed our 800th TV Podcast Industries episode, and what better way to celebrate than to give back to you our awesome listeners.

In this episode we'll be announcing the answers to all of our Secret Invasion Pub Quiz, our Star Wars Ahsoka Cantina Quiz, our Wheel of Time Season 2 Tavern Quiz and our Gen V Student Bar Quiz.

First up Marvel's Secret Invasion Pub Quiz Answers

The Fellow Defender with the most answers right will get a copy of the recent collected Secret Invasion comic and a Nick Fury Funko Pop (subject to availability).

Question 1 - What do Maria Hill and Nick Fury usually share over Chess?

  • Answer - The Truth.

Question 2 - What US City did Nick Fury and his mum take long journeys to?

  • Answer - Detroit

Question 3 - How does Fury like his eggs in the morning?

  • Answer - Poached.

Question 4 - What is the name of the whiskey shared by Fury and Rhodes, and how much did Nick Fury say that it cost?

  • Answer - Pappey Van Winkle, $5000

Question 5 - What does Sonya Folsworth say Podcasts are full of?

  • Answer - Men gaslighting and threatening murder.

Question 6 - What are the two hospital units at either end of the corridor where Nick Fury confronts Rhodes? 

  • Answer - Diagnostic Testing and Coronary Angiogram

The winner is announced on the podcast and Derek will be in contact soon.

Secondly our Star Wars Ahsoka Cantina Quiz Answers

The Fellow Rebel with the most answers right will get a Star Wars Akshoka mug and a copy of the Ahsoka audio book on Audible read by Ashley Eckstein (subject to availability)

Chapter 1 Question: What are the two types of Lothal animals that appear in the mural dedicated in honour of the Rebels?

  • Answer: Loth Wolves and Loth Cats

Chapter 2 Question: How Many Loth Cats heads pop up out of the long grass on Lothal?

  • Answer: 2

Chapter 3 Question: What Jedi Technique does Huyang believe Sabine Wren is not ready for?

  • Answer: Zotochi

Chapter 4 Question: How many X-Wing fighters accompany Hera’s ship The Ghost to the Denab system?

  • Answer: Five

Question 5: What are the coordinates that Chopper gives Jacen to locate Ahsoka?

  • Answer: 323 Mark 15

Question 6: How do the Great Mothers describe Sabine to Grand Admiral Thrawn?

  • Answer: A Loose Thread

Question 7: What Class of Shuttle is Ahsoka’s class of ship as called out by Captain Enoch?

  • Answer: T9 Shuttle

Question 8: What is the call sign of the Night Trooper that Ezra finds and impersonates?

  • Answer: LS757

The winner is announced on the podcast and Derek will be in contact soon.

Next up our Wheel of Time Season 2 Tavern Quiz Answers

The Fellow Wheelie with the most answers right will get a a copy of the the first two audio books in Robert Jordan's Wheel of Time series on Audible read by Moraine herself Rosamund Pike (subject to availability)

Episode 1 Question: How many Marks in total does Domon leave with after speaking with Moiraine at Verin’s house?

  • Answer - 11 Marks (1 for the poem and 10 to assist with him getting away safely from his tails)

Episode 2 Question: What two moves would Errol the patient do to Yann the orderly the next time he sees him?

  • Answer - Parting the Silk and Reaping the Barley before he can right himself

Episode 3 Question: What wine does Logain request from Rand before he’ll help him to control the One Power?

  • Answer - Ghealdan Wine (red)

Episode 4 Question: What animal do the wolf pack project to Perrin and Elyas to show them the way to their meal?

  • Answer - A Stag

Episode 5 Question: What aspect of civilisation does Elyas Wolfbrother miss?

  • Answer - Beer

Episode 6 Question: What is the prison, where Egwene is held, known as?

  • Answer - The Kennels

Episode 7 Question: What game is Logain playing when Lan comes to visit?

  • Answer - Stones

Episode 8 Question: What name does Dain Barnhold call Perrin first in recognition then in anger?

  • Answer - Two Rivers.

The winner is announced on the podcast and Derek will be in contact soon.

Finally we announced the Gen V Student Bar Quiz Answers

The Fellow Boy or Girl with the most answers right will get a hopefully get an exclusive Godolkin University Letterman Jacket and a set of Gen V badges. (subject to availability)

Episode 1 Question: What year was the Red River Institute for orphaned supes Established?

  • Answer: 1965

Episode 2 Question: Which band did Andre's father, Polarity, save at Lollapalooza when he was young?

  • Answer: Matchbox 20 

Episode 3 Question: What free drink does Cate want to get a the Professor Brinkerhoff Memorial Gala #ThinkBrink?

  • Answer: Grey Goose Vodka

Episode 4 Question: What two signs does Tek Knight observe on Dean Shetty to show she has something to hide as he questions her in her office?

Bonus point: what other thing does Tek Night observe about her?

  • Answers : Bead of sweat on the brow, adrenaline seeping from the pores, and he also notices she’s ovulating.

Episode 5 Question: What ranking at Godolkin University does Emma reach after her Tik Tok growth spurt?

  • Answer: 88

Episode 6 Question: How many years does Dean Shetty discover that Cate was locked in her room by her mother following the incident with her brother, Caleb?

  • Answer: 9 years

Episode 7 Question: What does Dean Shetty have in her cupboards, that’s not British tea?

  • Answer: Edibles

Episode 8 Question: What is written on the front of Sam’s sweatshirt?

  • Answer: Vintage Supply

The winner is announced on the podcast and Derek will be in contact soon.

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