Star Wars The Bad Batch 212 "The Outpost" Podcast

Star Wars The Bad Batch 212 "The Outpost" Podcast

We chat about Star Wars The Bad Batch Season 2 Episode 12 "The Outpost". Another great episode of the series with potential far reaching consequences.

The Bad Batch 212 "The Outpost" Synopsis

Series Created by: Jennifer CorbettDave Filoni, Brad Rau

Episode Written by: Jennifer Corbett

Story Editor: Matt Michnovetz

Episode Directed By: Nathaniel Villanueva

Crosshair is ordered on a mission by the obnoxious and clone-hating Lieutenant Nolan to recover cargo from an Imperial supply depot under attack by local insurgents on the ice-planet of Barton-4. Arriving at the depot it soon becomes apparent that the clone troopers guarding the cargo are severely depleted, with only three troopers remaining. 

Commander Mayday’s smile at the arrival of his relief soon disappears when he meets Lt. Nolan, who has no sympathy for Mayday’s predicament. As they prepare to secure the base and transport the supplies off-world the insurgents attack, taking with them two supply crates and in the process killing off Mayday’s remaining troopers Hexx and Veetch. 

But Lt Nolan blames the clones for the attack, ordering only Mayday and Crosshair to recover the supplies. Tracking the insurgents, Crosshair finds out that Cdr Mayday is disillusioned with the new Empire that has combat troopers babysitting cargo.

The two troopers recover the supplies but are caught in an avalanche at the insurgent’s mountain base. Mayday is badly injured, but Crosshair manages to carry him back to the Imperial base, where Stormtroopers are loading their new combat armour to take off-planet. 

Crosshair requests urgent medical attention for Mayday but is denied by Lieutenant Nolan, and Mayday dies from his injuries. Nolan considers it no loss as in his eyes all clones are a waste of resources and expendable under the new Empire. Hearing this Crosshair shoots his superior officer dead before passing out.

Slowly waking up Crosshair finds himself in a laboratory on Tantis, with Hemlock’s research assistant looking over him warning him that if he cooperates he may survive.

The Bad Batch Cast

Dee Bradley Baker as Hunter, Echo, Wrecker, Tech, Crosshair, Rex, Mayday and Veetch.

Shelby Young as Captain Bragg

Keisha Castle-Hughes as Emerie Karr

Crispin Freeman as Lieutenant Nolan

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