Star Wars The Bad Batch 211 "Metamorphosis" Podcast

Star Wars The Bad Batch 211 "Metamorphosis" Podcast

It's all change this week as we chat about Star Wars The Bad Batch 211 "Metamorphosis". A long dangling Clone Wars thread is resolved and Clone Force 99 finally start to make moves.

The Bad Batch 211 "Metamorphosis" Synopsis

Series Created by: Jennifer CorbettDave Filoni, Brad Rau

Episode Written by: Sabir Pirzada

Story Editor: Matt Michnovetz

Episode Directed By: Saul Ruiz

Still annoyed after being stranded by Cid on the mining planet and thinking about finally breaking ties with their unreliable employer, the Bad Batch nonetheless grudgingly head off on a mission from Cid after hearing of a downed ship of cargo ripe for the taking.

Elsewhere on the planet of Tantis, Doctor Hemlock arrives at an Imperial facility where Nala Se, imprisoned following the destruction of Kamino, fails to be persuaded to help Hemlock continue her cloning research. Her refusal to serve the Emperor forces Hemlock to consider other avenues to force her to help.

More bad news piles on Dr Hemlock as his assistant informs him that research Transport 904 has failed to arrive on Tantis. Hemlock orders the recovery of the asset as a matter of urgency.

The Bad Batch arrive at the Transport only to realise that something terrible had befallen the ship and its crew. As they attempt to collect the cargo and restore power a strange beast attacks them seemingly fixated on feeding off pure energy, which accelerates its growth.

Escaping the transport the beast feeds off a nearby town’s power supply and only then does Hunter realise the creature is a Zillo Beast similar to the one that attacked Consurant during the Clone Wars. While Tech and Omega obtain highly classified files from the Imperial ship showing the Zillo Beast was cloned on the orders of the then Chancellor Palpatine.

As the Imperial forces recover the Zillo Beast and round up the inhabitants of the nearby town to keep the Empire’s secret, the Bad Batch escape the chasing fighters on the Marauder. With loose ends to tie up Hemlock orders the tracking of the unknown military-class ship and back on Tantis meets Lama Su, former Prime Minister of Kamino, who informs of a clone girl that is the key to leverage his former head of research. 

The Bad Batch Cast

Dee Bradley Baker as Hunter, Echo, Wrecker, Tech, Crosshair and Rex.

Michelle Ang as Omega

Jimmi Simpson as Doctor Royce Hemlock

Rhea Perlman as Cid

Helen Sadler as Doctor Scalder

Bob Bergen as Lama Su

Keisha Castle-Hughes as Emerie Karr

Gwendoline Yeo as Nala Se

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