Star Wars The Bad Batch 210 "Retrieval" Podcast
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Star Wars The Bad Batch 210 "Retrieval" Podcast

We discuss Star Wars The Bad Batch 210 "Retrieval". Will the team get the Marauder back? our spoiler filled podcast about this episode of The Bad Batch is available here.

The Bad Batch 210 "Retrieval Synopsis

Series Created by: Jennifer CorbettDave Filoni, Brad Rau

Episode Written by: Moisés Zamora

Story Editor: Matt Michnovetz

Episode Directed By: Steward Lee

The Bad Batch, trying to speed their departure from the arid mining plane, start to fix an old speeder. At the same time Omega, still fixated on the stolen Marauder, has the idea to track their droid, Gonky, on board the ship. She locates Gonky 100 clicks away at another mining settlement, and the group head off on the repaired speeder to get their ship back.

They locate Gonky with the thief, called Benni, but not the Marauder. Benni tells them it is impounded by his boss Mokko at the Ipsum mine and is being stripped of its parts. 

The Bad Batch infiltrates the mine bringing Benni along. Finding the Marauder, Wrecker, Hunter and Tech begin fixing the hyperdrive and other systems, while Benni and Omega head off to disable the ray shield preventing them from leaving. 

In the mess hall they swipe the access code, but just as they are about to leave Mokko arrives informing them of the ongoing difficulties at the mine. While there to announce the top earner for the month, who gets extra food rations, he also informs his workers that they must work harder for less. Benni is disappointed not to get top earner after stealing the Marauder for Mokko.

Omega and Benni obtain the codes to disable the ray shield, but also finds data that shows the mine is making a good profit which she shares with Benni. But Benni has already ratted them out to Mokko in an attempt to further impress his boss and he captures Omega. 

Mokko tries to stop the Bad Batch, using Omega as a bargaining chip. Held over the molten ore, Hunter must rescue Omega. Elsewhere as Mokko’s workers and robots surround Wrecker and Tech, Benni reveals Mokko’s deception to everyone. Turning on their boss, Mokko stumbles, falling into the molten ore.

With the Marauder back with the Bad Batch they prepare to leave the planet. Benni stays at the mine now that the profits will be equally shared, and Omega realises that there are other evils out in the Galaxy beside the newly formed Galactic Empire.

The Bad Batch Cast

Dee Bradley Baker as Hunter, Echo, Wrecker, Tech, Crosshair and Rex.

Michelle Ang as Omega

Rhea Perlman as Cid

Yuri Lowenthal as Benni Baro

Aleks Le as Drake

Jonathan Lipow as Mokko

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