Ahsoka Episode 1 and 2

Ahsoka Episode 1 and 2

Derek and John return to a galaxy far far away for Star Wars Ahsoka. We chat all about episode 1 "Master and Apprentice" and Episode 2 "Toil and Trouble".

Ahsoka Episode 1 "Master And Apprentice" and Episode 2 "Toil and Trouble" Synopsis

Executive Producers - Dave Filoni, Jon Favreau, Kathleen Kennedy, Colin Wilson and Carrie Beck

Head Writer: Dave Filoni

Episode 1 and 2 Written by: Dave Filoni

Episodes 1 directed by: Dave Filoni

Episode 2 directed by: Steph Green

Baylan Skoll and his apprentice, Shin Hati, assault a New Republic cruiser carrying Lady Morgan Elsbeth, who had previously been captured by Ahsoka Tano. The pair rescue Lady Elsbeth, who informs Skoll that Ahsoka is searching for Grad Admiral Thrawn.

Ahsoka and her droid Huyang obtain a star map to the location of the banished Grand Admiral Thrawn, despite an attempt by Skoll’s assassin droids attempts to prevent her and obtain the star map for their master.

Ahsoka is informed of Lady Elsbeth's escape by Home One. Regrouping with the fleet, Ahsoka meets with General Hera Syndulla, but Huyang reveals that the star map is locked. Syndulla advises Ahsoka to go to her former Padawan, Sabine Wren, to use her skills to help unlock the map.

On the planet Lothal, the tense relationship between Ahsoka and Sabine is palpable and Wren takes the star map to unlock it back at her home outside the city where she is ambushed by two assassin droids and the apprentice Shin who steal it. As Sabine tries to stop Shin a lightsaber duel ensues and Shin seriously wounds Sabine.

In episode 2 After the attack on Sabine, she recovers at Lothal’s medical facility and soon puts her tech skills to use as she hacks one of the assassin droid's memories. They discover that it had come to Lothal from Corellia.

In the Denab System on the planet Seatos, Baylan Skoll, Shin and Elsbeth at an ancient structure activates the star map which plots a course to another galaxy along the mythological Pathway to Peridia. To reach Thrawn Elsbeth orders Shin to Corellia to oversee Marrock’s final preparations for the final delivery for Elsbeth’s ship, the Eye of Sion.

Elsewhere, to recover the star map, Ahsoka and Syndulla travel to the Corelian shipyards, but as they are inspecting one of Elsbeth’s former shipyard assets a massive hyperdrive begins to depart the shipyard and the pair soon realise that sympathy for the Empire still lingers in the dockyards of Corellia.

As Ahsoka goes to stop Shin and Marrock, the hyperdrive begins its ascent to space. Followed by Hera and Chopper in the Phantom, Hera weaves to avoid the blaster fire from the transporter ship and gets Chopper to attach a tracking device. As the Empire sympathisers are rounded up, Ahsoka heads back to Lothal following a talk with Hera to see if Sabine will come to help find Thrawn, prevent another war and to find her friend and former rebel the Jedi, Ezra Bridger. Sabine Wren is ready!

Star Wars Ahsoka Cast Episode 1 and 2

A Return to a Galaxy Far Far Away

We will discuss:

- Our Top 5 Points (or Saber Points) of the episode

- Notes, Quotes and references

The Ahsoka Cantina Quiz

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Question 1: What are the two types of Lothal animals that appear in the mural dedicated in honour of the Rebels?

Question 2: How Many Loth Cats heads pop up out of the long grass on Lothal?

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